Land Clearing

Mid State Land Clearing - Nashville Area and Middle TN

What is Land Clearing?

Clear your land with a skillful team of professionals. We use high-quality equipment that is easily maneuverable and reliable to ensure the job gets done right. There are many reasons that customers choose to clear their land including:

  • Needing to build new homes
  • Creating Horse Trails or other recreational trails
  • Making way for fences
  • Pasture revitalization
  • Grading land for commercial buildings

Land clearing is a process that removes bushes, stumps and trees to accommodate the development of land. The benefits are safety for people on the property, and accessibility when it comes to visibility with less foliage in sight. Bushes growing too close together reduce visual appeal, while weedy areas can be havens for snakes or rodents. 

The purpose of commercial land clearing is to create a safe plot of land for a builder to work on. Although it’s necessary from an off-the-bat  standpoint at the start of construction projects, its additional perks make it worth while as development continues.

image of mulching machine for Midstate Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching LLC


When starting a new development, it’s important to prioritize initial lot clearing. This process can provide safety for the site by eliminating dead trees and too much vegetation that could pose threats like catching fire or spreading disease.

Also, our team prioritizes safety first. There are many forestry mulching “companies” that are simply someone with an attachment for a piece of equipment. We are a full time corporation who has safety first as their goal.

image of two mulchers on a truck for Midstate Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching LLC


One of the most important reasons to clear a piece of land before construction begins is because it will increase its value. If you don’t intend on building anything on this property, but are looking for an opportunity, then clearing should be one of the first things that needs done. If clearing your lot first will make this happen sooner and help customers see its potential, take care to factor curb appeal into how people perceive the land.

image of mulching machines amidst trees for Midstate Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching LLC


The efficiency of your project is just one thing that will benefit from the use of heavy machinery. You’ll be able to solve problems on site before they become a major issue, and you can actively prevent delays by clearing trees and other objects away in advance so there are no surprises when construction begins.

Land Clearing vs Forestry Mulching

In contrast to Land Clearing, Forestry Mulching has many benefits:

  • Simpler with fewer machines
  • Permitting is less frequently needed
  • The mulch helps control erosion
  • The soil usually stays where it was at the beginning
  • Workable in wet and snowy weather
  • Burning isn’t required
  • Unsightly brush piles are not an issue
  • Forestry Mulching is more sustainable
  • It’s less expensive

There are disadvantages to the land clearing method that includes:

  • The process requires multiple machines
  • Typically permitting is needed
  • The soil is removed or exposed
  • The exposed soil requires erosion control
  • Usually a burn permit is needed
  • It’s unsustainable
  • Often times more expensive

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